Thursday, 26 May 2011

Hello people! The first game im gonna talk about is Elsword, also known as the second version of Grandchase because the gameplay is similar. Also, some of the characters from Elsword have similar skills to the characters in Grandchase. Elsword has 6 characters in total (for now) Elsword, Rena, Aisha, Eve, Raven and Chung. The player starts of in the town and is able to move left or right (yes like maple) and talk to npcs to get quests, buy equips/weapon or even craft them from the Alchemist npc. The character then goes into the portal at the side of the map to enter the dungeon waiting area as players are allow to create and join rooms there. There are 5 towns in total where the next town dungeons are of a higher level than the previous town, each dungeon has 3 difficulties from easy to hard. Clearing all of the dungeons in each town and all 3 difficulties of it unlocks the special dungeon of each town. Special dungeons are alot more harder to clear as the monsters are of a higher level and mostly buffed, also in order to play this dungeon a special key item is needed.Of course there is a market place where players set up stalls and sell all the rare items/equips they hunt or even quest items.

Introducing the characters
Elsword the knight -
 Rena the archer -

Aisha the mage -

 Eve -

 Chung the guardian -
Each character has 2 choices of which job path they want to go and advances to 3rd job later in the game at level 35.

Yes Elsword is a MMORPG game. Each characters has their own story and all characters specializes in different things. Each characters have their own combos and "Z" and "X" are keys to attack There are special equips for each character labeled with an 'S' because by wearing all the items, there will be special stats effects like higher attack, critical rate, speed etc, however it is not the most powerful equips as there are equips where can be gotten from this thing called the 'ice breakers', something like a gacha where it depends on your luck. It gives players crazy stats and of course its not easy to get as players sell them for a very high price.

In dungeons players can form a party up to 4 people and as they play more rounds together the "Fever" bar will fill up, and when its full there is a chance of activating it which gives all character the berserk mode which increases their defense and attacks for a set limit of time. Players are also able to activate the berserk mode by pressing "ctrl" key when the bar below the SP bar is full. Another thing to take note of is the bar below the Exp bar which is the Stamina bar. As players play dungeons, the stamina bar will drop starting from 100% (around 4% gone after each round depending on the number of players) and when its 0%, players are not able to play dungeon for the day anymore until it refreshes everyday at 6am. This enables players to not just focus on one part of the game and instead try other mode such as Pvp where they are able to fight against other players or the Story mode where players are required to fight all the bosses in Elsword starting from the easiest to hardest. The pvp system allows player to earn VP that allows them to buy special accessories which can only be bought from VP and not in-game cash. As for the Story mode, players can hunt boss cards and collect a set where they can trade in for rare equips which also cost alot depending on the level of the equip.

Quests are split into different categories such as Epic quest, General quests, Class change quest and Skill quests. Epic quests are quests where it follows a story and it gives players special equips up to a certain level.
General quests are quests which can be gotten from npcs in each town. Class change of course its for job advancement and Skill quests is for players to unlock special skills for each of the characters. The skill quests can be bought from the Pvp npcs and there are 5 parts to it. Complete all the 5 parts and a new skill is unlocked. 

As for the equips, upgrades are available by using lv 1,2 or 3 upgrade stones. Lv 1 upgrade stones are for equip below 20 and Lv 2 is for equips from lv 20-30 and so on. Players can also socket their equips by using a gem which gives the equip increased attack/defense, critical rate etc. There is also weapon enchant where elements can be added to weapons such as Fire, Poison, Ice, Wind, Lightning and Plague. Different element stones are sold at different prices depending on how powerful it is.

And ending off with a short video of elsword